School Iasi
School EuroEd Iasi
School Iasi


We propose to:

  • Apply the national curriculum and implement an efficient, quality educational process which facilitates learning and acquisition of new knowledge and skills;
  • Stimulate personal skills, encourage and motivate students to excel in the fields they are good at;
  • Offer optional classes and after-school activities meant to reinforce newly acquired knowledge;
  • Provide children with intensive exposure to English and German;
  • Offer other foreign language classes (Italian, French, Spanish);
  • Prepare students for Cambridge English Exams for Young Learners;
  • Run a wide range of educational activities focused on forming European/ global citizens by raising children’ awareness and interest in good manners, development of a multilateral society, ICT, learning how to play a musical instrument, arts, dance, chess etc.;
  • Provide ICT, arts and design, religion, music, physical education classes taught by experienced teachers and trainers;  
  • Involve children in international partnerships across Europe (Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Portugal);
  • Work with specialists to provide children with permanent counseling and support;
  • Prepare children for entrance tests to ensure their access to the best secondary schools in Iaşi.

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