EuroEd courses

EuroEd courses

EuroEd courses are courses tailored labor market in Romania and abroad.

Iasi qualification courses

EuroEd courses Is the standard by which later turned all other establishments.

 Foreign language courses Iasi

EuroEd CoursesIncludes language courses, communication, computer skills, training of teachers.


As the first foreign language services provider in Iasi, EuroEd has set the standard for all others that followed. Long before cultural institutes came to town EuroEd successfully prepared children and adults for both business and academic ventures. Our teacher selection process is extremely rigorous to ensure students receive the highest quality educational services. EuroEd’s in-house teaching methodology and materials have been proved to ensure rapid learning, not just memorization.

We provide:

Cursuri Engleza Iasi Cursuri Franceza Iasi Cursuri Germana Iasi






Modern Greek courses

Our language courses aim to develop all language skills and grammatical accuracy). To reach this goal, our experienced teachers use innovative and interactive teaching methods and resources.

Group sessions

Our language classes for adults are organised in modules of 60 hours.
Classes run weekly, 2 or 3 two-hour sessions a week between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m..
The frequency and duration of courses may be modified upon request.

One-to-one classes

We also provide one-to-one classes or courses for smaller groups. They address learners with special needs in terms of learning objectives, contents, frequency and duration.

Certificates and Recognition

At the end of a module and, upon request - following a final exam, learners obtain a certificate of completion issued by the Romanian Ministry of Education which is recognized throughout Europe. It certifies the level of knowledge achieved according to European standards (CEFR – Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), and also mentions the type and duration of the course.

Language courses for young learners and students

Courses are organised throughout the school year and can be booked in sets of 10 sessions. They build on the knowledge acquired in school and prepare students for language tests and exams. Courses are specially designed to provide students with an enjoyable learning experience.

Tuition fees

General language courses 1500 lei / 60 hours
One-to-one courses 90 lei / hour          
Courses for Young Learners/ Students (1 – 8 grades ) 400 lei / 10 sessions


The fees include the costs for course materials (course book, worksheets etc.).
Please contact us for customized offers.

If you wish to register for one of our courses, visit us between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday through Friday.