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School Iasi


Parents can register their children at EuroEd Primary school at any time during the academic year provided there are vacancies. 

If the maximum number of children in class is reached, further applications will be entered on a waiting list and dealt with accordingly.   
Parents are welcome to visit us after making an appointment.
During this first visit information on the daily programme, curriculum and meals will be given out.

Application items:

  1. Interview with the child’s parent/tutor
  2. Child-parent-school psychologist interview
  3. Test assessing child’s skills and behaviour  
  4. Submit registration form
  5. Fill in and sign schooling contract
  6. Child’s medical record, other required tests and exams
  7. Photocopy of child’s birth certificate
  8. Photocopy of parents’ identity cards
  9. Child’s photo (passport photo size)

All applications are accepted as long as vacancies are available.

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