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School Iasi


Our mission is to make the most of the children’s potential and create appropriate contexts and situations in which they can learn and experience different ways of thinking, feeling and acting with the help of qualified teachers and innovative teaching methods.  

Our long-term objective is to shape the future adults who will live in a global society and be able to develop successful personal and professional relationships with other people. They will learn how to make decisions, communicate with each other, and be assertive. 

Throughout primary school, our teachers invest all their care, expertise and responsibility in order to:

  • discover children’s skills, personalities and multiple intelligences and encourage them to use them fully;
  • nurture and keep children’s curiosity alive;
  • adjust to children’s needs;  
  • develop children’s moral awareness and critical thinking;
  • support and watch over children’s emotional, intellectual and spiritual development.


Strategic targets:

  • Putting together a diverse educational offer in accordance with the educational needs of the future generation.
  • Promoting multicultural education.
  • Developing children’s social skills and their openness towards diversity and cultural dialogue.  
  • Enhancing the quality of our educational services.
  • Facilitating children’s personal development and their successful integration in subsequent education programmes.  
  • Making support and counseling available for parents by means of the “School for parents” concept.