EuroEd Iasi

Kindergarten EuroEd Iasi is the place where childhood with her ​​charm , is at home and where each child is guided on their way to increase play.

Kindergarten Iasi
Kindergartens Iasi

Kindergarten EuroEd city has a tradition of 19 years in pre- marked map of achievements , lessons learned and exceptional educational projects .


EuroEd Kindergarten is the place where CHILDHOOD, with all its charm, is at home and where children are guided on their own paths towards a sound upbringing.  

EuroEd Kindergarten has 19 years of experience. Our achievements, the lessons we learnt and the expertise we gained throughout these years make it all the more important for us to us to develop quality educational projects tailored to our children’s needs.

EuroEd Private Kindergarten

EuroEd Kindergarten is one of the most prestigious early childhood education establishments in Iasi, providing the very best child care with a view to:

  • stimulating and building up children’s creativity, self-confidence, independence and emotional intelligence;
  • bringing up a generation of high-performing children who can adjust to a dynamic and diverse society;
  • supporting our teachers’ ongoing training and professional development;
  • creating a community committed to achieving excellence in education. 


EuroEd Kindergarten is licensed by the Romanian Ministry of National Education. The latest auditing of our services, conducted by the Ministry in 2014, acknowledged the high quality of our teaching and educational activity.

„Where do I come from? From my childhood. I come from my childhood as if it were a country!” Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Fundatia EuroEd Iasi