EuroEd courses

EuroEd courses

EuroEd courses are courses tailored labor market in Romania and abroad.

Iasi qualification courses

EuroEd courses Is the standard by which later turned all other establishments.

 Foreign language courses Iasi

EuroEd CoursesIncludes language courses, communication, computer skills, training of teachers.

Romanian as a foreign language courses

The Romanian language courses for foreigners are organised upon request and their contents are tailored to learners’ needs, comprising a mix of grammar and vocabulary lessons and practical activities and applications meant to develop students’ communication skills.The course materials incluse textbooks, excerpts from Romanian literature, history, folk books and newspaper and magazine articles, audio-video materials etc.    

The EuroEd Foundation has a vast experience in organising Romanian language learning courses for foreign students, diplomats and businesspeople. We have provided total  immersion courses for Embassies, the Romanian Royal House and many other organisations. By offering participants total exposure to the real Romanian language and culture, these programmes help them assimilate elements which are essential in achieving their mission in Romania.

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