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EuroEd Foundation has a portfolio of over 100 national and international projects successfully implemented .

EuroEd Iași

EuroEd Foundation is a non-governmental organisation based in Iasi. Set up in 1992 with the support of the British Council Romania and the Soros Foundation, it covers different fields of activity such as educational projects, lifelong learning and training, citizenship, human rights, public policies, law, youth, culture and regional development.  

EuroEd Foundation promotes ongoing education and training of children, youth and adults, aiming at making the most of the human potential, seen as multilateral resource of knowledge, skills, competencies and ideas for sustainable development.  


For over 20 years, EuroEd Foundation has been supporting the development of the civil society by promoting high-quality standards in accordance with European Union requirements in the field of education, civil society, public policies, youth, law, culture, mass media, and regional development.

We develop sustainable projects which are meant to contribute to the improvement of practices and public policies for ensuring:

  • personal and professional development in accordance with everyone’s skills and objectives in a competitive environment;
  • creative use of human potential for an active social and economic life;
  • sustainable development through specific measures for the preservation and responsible management of economic, environmental and cultural resources;  
  • unbiased access to the new technologies as part of professional and personal development in the current information society;  
  • ways to improve people’s standard of living;
  • support for various socially disadvantaged groups or people at risk.  


Through its initiatives, EuroEd Foundation intends to act as a regional catalyst for debating and developing regional and international projects which should facilitate exchange of ideas and experience in the field of democracy and development of society.


EuroEd Foundation came into being in 1992 with the support of the British Council Romania and the Soros Foundation. EuroEd Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation located in Iasi, Romania. Until 1995 our name was International House and our focus was on delivering language courses. In 1995 we became the International Language Centre and enriched our portfolio by setting up the Kindergarten (1995) and the Primary School (1997). As a result of constantly expanding services and addressability, two more departments were created in 1998: the Regional Centre for Education and Communication and the Centre for European Integration.

Since 2000 our name has been EuroEd Foundation, a symbol of our holistic approach to education.

Guiding Principles:

  • Expertise
  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Involvement