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Weaving Webs of Stories




Project is developed under Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership programme (School Education)


Name of the project: Weaving Webs of Stories


Project period: October 1st, 2019 – September 30th, 2022


Project No.: 2019-1-UK01-KA201-062128


Project partnership:

Every Child an Achiever Network (GB)

EuroEd Primary School (RO)

You In Europe (GR)

Zinev Art Technologies (BG)

Asociacion Civica De Comunicacion Y Educacion Sophia Acceso (ES)

Menu agentura Artscape (LT)

Learning for Integration ry (FI)


The project has a dual aim. One of its goals is to improve the literacy skills – and, thus, the self-esteem and academic achievements – of those pupils are at the risk of falling behind their peers. The other goal of the project is to use this developmental opportunity to instill positive qualities in the pupils involved in the project. Thus, the Weaving Webs of Stories project attempts to promote a culture of positive and inclusive attitudes through developing and / or improving the pupils’ ever so necessary literacy competences.


The main target group:

Young people in primary schools (7 – 11 years old) and secondary schools (12 – 13 years old)

Young people whose literacy competences are deemed to be low for their respective year group

Those who are at risk of not attaining the levels needed to be successful in their studies

Those who are likely to fall behind without an intervention to support them



Intellectual Output 1 - A Strategy Towards Creating a Culture of Lifelong Reading at Schools

This output brings together strategies and good practice to enable schools to develop effective programmes addressing literacy and inclusion in a whole-school way, without recourse to costly external consultancy.


- IO1 EXTENDED STRATEGY DOCUMENT (Findings of the Desk research in each of the project countries) (Download)


Intellectual Output 2 - Creation of the literacy project curricula and piloting creative activities

This output is a programme to increase student engagement in literacy through exciting workshops, using stories and other creative activities as the inspiration both for improving literacy and addressing inclusion and equity.



- IO2: TOWARDS THE ONLINE WEB TRAINING COURSE (Download) IO2 co-lead, in collaboration with the partners, also created a paper as a working document, IO2 Towards the online Training course, in order to enable the creation of the web-based Training Course and Resources package, IO3. This paper was continuously reviewed and updated to incorporate additions and revisions made to the curricula during the piloting of the school sessions.


Intellectual Output 3 - Development of Webs of Stories Training and learning Resources Package

IO3 uses the curricula showing how literature focusing on equality, diversity and inclusion was revealed to children through creative non-formative learning activities that clearly explained: the structure of a story, contents, plot, characters and techniques conveying key messages and how they link to specific literacy foci so that children will also create their own stories.  It is accompanied by research evidence, handouts and, professionally designing the e-books (the stories created by the beneficiary groups, 1 book by each school children used as reading resources.

- IO3 ONLINE TRAINING (Access the version in English or in Romanian)

- IO3 LEARNING RESOURCES PACKAGE (Download the resources here)

  Books done by the children from Romania:

The white cloud (access)

A new beginning (access)

My digital story land (access)