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Sectoral Operational Programme for Human Resources Development 2007-2013
PRIORITY AXIS 5 „Promoting active employment measures”
Key Area of Intervention 2.3 „Development and implementation of active employment measures”

ID Proiect: 77970

General objective:

The project aims to facilitate the social inclusion and integration of disadvantaged groups in the labour market, and also develop and implement active employment measures for a minimum of 210 people in the North-East Region of Romania by:

- Arousing people’s interest in getting a job and helping them to keep their jobs with a view to achieving an employment rate of 5 % of the target group within 6 months after the end of the training programme;  
- Reducing long-term unemployment;
- Enhancing the capacity of unemployed people to find and keep a job. 

Specific objectives:

The project proposes to reduce long-term unemployment, arouse people’s interest in finding a job, help them to keep their jobs and enhance the capacity of unemployed people to integrate in the labour market by means of:

- providing career advice and counseling to 210 people belonging to the target group;
- providing specialized training to 210 people belonging to the target group:

1. English language courses for 30 people,
2. Spanish language courses for 30 people,
3. Italian language courses for 30 people,
4. Basic computer skills courses for 30 people,
5. Training courses in communication techniques for career development, motivation and self-esteem increase for 30 people;
6. Training courses in hotel housekeeping for 30 people;
7. The possibility of joining a job-club.

-  Organising a job fair by the end of the project.

For further information about the project and enrolment, please contact us at Florilor 1C, Iasi, phone no. 0232 252 850, email: