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Project is developed under Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership programme (Strategic Partnerships for school education)


Name of the project: Tiramisu - First Aid Improve Survival


Project period: 01.10.2019 – 30.09.2021


Project No.: 2019-1-IT02-KA201-062319


Project partnership:

  1. CIPAT (IT)
  2. KTU Vaižganto progimnazija (LT)
  3. University of Genoa (IT)
  4. Pixel (IT)
  5. Szkola Podstawowa 5 (PL)
  6. Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie Grigore T.Popa Iasi (RO)
  7. Fundatia EuroEd (RO)
The main aim of the project is to improve skills and competences of school teachers by developing and testing at EU level an innovative transnational training course on First Aid and health and safety practice based on simulation approach and to promote the dissemination of these practices through the development and test of a training model for school students to be realized by the skilled school teachers.


The main target group: secondary school teachers and their students (14-18 years-old).



  • - First Aid Preparatory Knowledge, e-Learning Package that will provide teachers and students with a basic knowledge of human being anatomy and physiology as a preparatory understanding of how the human body works to be applied in first aid processes.
  • - First Aid Handbook providing a full set of instructions to teachers and students on “what to do in an emergency”
  • - First Aid Wizard ensuring the accessibility for secondary school teachers and students to a simulation based learning environment