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Project is developed under Erasmus+ Programme, KA2 - Strategic Partnerships for School Education


Name of the project: Together Everyone Can Prevent Cyberbullying (TECPC)


Project period: 01.03.2021 - 28.02.2023


Project No.: 2020-1-RO01-KA226-SCH-095269


Project partnership: 

  1. Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie Grigore T.Popa Iasi (RO)
  2. Scoala Primara EuroEd (RO)
  3. School of Bucharest (RO)
  4. K Milios And SIA OE (GR)
  5. 5Directorate from Adana (TR)
  6. Soros International House (LT)
  7. Pixel Associatione (IT)
  8. IT Private Company (PT) 


The main aim of the project is to address the prevention, recognition and intervention of online harassment, against its cruel social and psychological-medical impact for our children.


The main target group:

  • - teachers
  • - school counsellors
  • - students (including victims, bullies, witnesses of cyberbullying or students with special needs)
  • - parents



  • - TECPC – Guidance material addressing 4 beneficiaries: teachers, school counsellors, cyberbullying witnesses, parents; from 3 approaches: social impact, psychological-medical impact, IT safety rules. 
  • - E-learning course/ module.
  • - Educational game for children and parents.