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Project is developed under Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership programme (Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training)


Name of the project: SoftMob - Software for Mobilities


Project period: 01.11.2019 - 31.10.2021


Project No.: 2019-1-ES01-KA202-064119


Project partnership:

  1. FEVEC (ES)
  3. Connectis (IT)
  4. IIS Datini (IT)
  5. Pixel (IT)
  6. Riga State Technical School (LV)
  7. Fundatia EuroEd (RO)
  8. Alqueria (ES)


The main aim of the projecti s to answer to the needs of all the actors playing a part in mobility project and experiences, by providing them with a complete software, helping them to reduce the administrative and management burden of the different activities in order to better concentrate on the contents quality, and a set of direct testimonials of the different protagonists to be used as reference best practice to improve the effectiveness of the management of mobility initiatives.


The main target group: VET providers



  • - E-learning package for Mobilities, a Toolkit for the Mobility Management, addressed to VET providers on how to effectively plan and implement work based learning mobility initiatives
  • - Mobility Management Platform, a Software for Mobility Management which will provide VET providers with a complete tool allowing to manage every single aspect of the Mobility projects and initiatives with reference to the administrative, financial, didactic aspects.