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European Social Fund – Sectoral Operational Programme for Human Resources Development  2007- 2013
PRIORITY AXIS 6 „Promotion of Social Inclusion”. Key Area of Intervention 6.3 „Promoting equal opportunities on the labour market”

“Equal opportunities on the labour market for women in the North-East and Bucuresti-Ilfov regions through qualification in tourism”

The project aims at developing human capital and improving competitiveness both by facilitating lifelong learning and providing target groups with the opportunity of getting involved and developing in a modern, flexible and inclusive labour-market. Thus, we propose to develop and promote the principle of equal opportunities and facilitate access to employment for 675 women from the North-East Region of Romania and Bucharest-Ilfov Region by organizing training courses and providing assistance to women who want to set up a business.


1). Foster the principle of equal access to the employment market in order to enhance women’s opportunities to get a job by creating and disseminating appropriate information and materials and by running an information campaign all through the project.
2). Raise awareness of the principles of gender equality and equal opportunities within the community by: organizing a campaign to promote successful stories of women in top positions and promoting gender equality and equal opportunities among employees, specialists, entrepreneurs, trainees, professionals in mass-media, public institutions; facilitating an exchange of good practices through a study visit in the partner country. 
3). Facilitate equal access to employment and a successful career by:
a) Providing training for 270 women from the North-East Region: communication skills courses (63 participants); German courses (42 participants); English for Tourism (63 participants); Italian courses (42 participants); Computer skills (60 participants);
b) Providing assistance for 100 women who want to set up a business;
c) Providing VET courses for 405 women from North-East Region and Bucharest-Ilfov Region: Hotel receptionist training course (81 participants); Tourist guide training course (81 participants); Guest house manager training course (54 participants); Hotel housekeeping training course (108 participants), Shop assistant training course (54 participants);  Patisserie and Confectionery training programme (27 participants).


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Training programmes and courses VET courses:
Italian language Hotel receptionist
Computer Skills Tourist Guide
Communication Skills Guest House Manager
German Language Hotel housekeeping
English for Tourism  
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