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The aim of the project is to create open digital educational resources in the field of palliative medicine based on developing innovative guidelines on standardized fundamental medical manoeuvres and clinical language and communication skills for supporting the learning/teaching processes of the medical lecturers, of the language teachers who teach medical students, of medical students, and of the lay people involved in causalities.


By doing this the project aims to harmonise the curricula transversally, helping students in preclinical years to develop applied skills that will be further supported academically by knowledge gained though academic progress in the coming clinical years. Academic, scientific, and professional skills will be acquired in an interdisciplinary manner with support offered concertedly by the palliative medical subjects and the languages and communication subjects.


Project will develop:

Specialized research

Guide of 20 palliative procedures

Videos on medical simulations

Medical communication linguistic resources

Massive open online courses

Trainer’s Transversal Kit


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