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Project: LeTS Go

Life Long Learning Programme
 Leonardo Da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation

New technologies have changed training methodologies, introducing elements of innovation that have redrawn the role of language teachers and trainers. Three core competencies are necessary for language teachers / trainers wishing to make efficient use of new technologies for language teaching and training:

1. Knowing how to choose products within the available identifying those that best meet their educational needs.
2. Knowing how to use and enhance the products available either as an alternative or as integration of traditional methodologies.
3. Knowing how to create educational and training products that exploit the potential of new technologies.  
In order to respond to the needs outlined above, the LeTS project ( developed the following services addressed to university language teachers:
1. An online training course focusing on the criteria and instruments for the selection of language training products exploiting the ICT potential
2. An online training course focused on how to use e-learning products available to replace or supplement the traditional methodologies
3. An online training courses on how to develop language training products exploiting new technologies.

In this context the European Commission has financed the LetsGO project in the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme (Leonardo - Transfer of Innovation). The project Lets Go intends to promote the practical experimentation of the LeTS portal developed during the Lets project by two additional target groups: school teachers and professional trainers.

Partners Involved

1) Pixel (Italy), Project Coordinator
2) IIS Da Vinci (Italy), Project Promoter
3) ICC, International Certificate Conference e.V. (Germany)
4) CREA, Confederacion de Empresarios de Aragon (Spain)
5) Silabo (Italy)
6) C.I.P.A.T.  - Consorzio Istituti Professionali Associati Toscani (Italy)
7) Associazione Hermes (Italy)
8) Universita' di Roma La Sapienza (Italy)
9) Fondazione Bellisario (Italy)
10) CoSeFI  Consorzio Servizi Formativi alle Imprese di Confindustria (Italy)
11) College of Computer Sciences (Poland)
12) EuroEd Foundation

The LeTS project has been carried out with the support of the European Community. The content of this material does not necessarily reflect the position of the European Community, nor does it involve any responsibility on its part.