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Facilitating Inclusive Education and Supporting the Transition Agenda



Significant policy developments have taken place on an international basis to harness and adopt inclusive education however reforms in many areas are needed and this remains very challenging for many EU member states. Transition and collaborative working are core areas which have been neglected in facilitating inclusive education for children with special educational needs (SEN). FIESTA focuses on achieving effective transition through collaborative working for children with SEN.

Aims of FIESTA

The network will facilitate children with special needs and families during the following periods of transition:

(1) Transition of children with special needs from pre-school to primary school and from primary school to secondary school
(2) Transition of children with special needs to mainstream environments

What is FIESTA?

Transition can be a complex and stressful time for any pupil. The network provides parents and children with SEN, teachers and health/social professionals the opportunity to collaborate and meet the individual needs of pupils with special needs during transition.

Network outcomes include transferable tools such as the self-assessment tool, transition starter kit, 3 training modules and video learning to name a few, these can be used for pupils with special needs and for other pupils who may be particularly vulnerable during transition periods.

The FIESTA project promotes a participative approach to harness inclusive education and facilitate collaborative working during periods of transition for all stakeholders involved e.g. pupils with special educational needs, parents/families, educators, health professionals, social workers, NGOs.