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FACE IT! offers a practical approach and tools to effectively stimulate Active Citizenship within families and communities through non-formal and informal LLL reaching across generations. FACE IT! as a Grundtvig 1 project ended in Sept 08, but its heritage lives on. Thus, the FACE IT! Handbook complete with background information, methodology, course materials, case-studies from Ireland, the UK, France, Italy and Romania can be freely downloaded from the project website.  


FACE IT! provides communities with tools to train professionals in how to effectively stimulate Active Citizenship through non-formal and informal lifelong learning means reaching across generations. The FACE IT! partnership composition enabled the transfer of models and expertise from countries with tradition in AC /FL policies – e.g. UK, Ireland – towards countries where such approaches are only now emerging and the need to professional skills and tools is increasing rapidly – e.g. Romania.

FACE IT! offers a training course with handbook for supporting Active Citizenship through Family Learning to be used by LLL / AC educators. The FACE IT ! Handbook can be freely downloaded from the project website and it includes:

- Information about the FACE IT! projects and partnerships
- An introduction to the key concepts – Active Citizenship, Family Learning, Study Circles, Blended Learning
- The training pack complete with curriculum, suggested syllabus, lesson plans and additional materials
- Case-studies of how the FACE IT! approach was adapted and used by different professionals and institutions in Ireland, the UK, France, Italy, Romania
- Additional reading on evaluation strategies, relevant experience in the USA etc.

Although the project’s funded life is now over, FACE IT! has been so successful that its legacy lives on through the ongoing cooperation and regular use of the approach and materials by the different people and institutions reached through its activities.