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One of the key priorities of the European policies is to address under achievements in basic skills in scientific education.

Two main obstacles have been identified:

Passive students’ approach to scientific issues

Lack of innovation in teaching methods


The E-Learning from Nature project aims to:

improve students’ low achievements in scientific subjects through a practical approach inspired by the surrounding environment

motivate secondary school students to learn science by providing them with ICT based teaching materials

create a transnational network of secondary school science teachers willing to widen their teaching approaches


The main activities of the project focus on the development of:

multimedia based information material on natural elements and any other human intervention related to geographical specific areas

video lectures presenting the connection between the natural environment and the scientific topics included in the school curricula

guidelines for teachers on:

new methods to strengthen science education performances at secondary school level

addressing low achievement in science basic skills through a problem-based approach and real life learning scenarios

using ICT in science teaching and learning


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