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Investing in People!
European Social Fund, Sectoral Operational Programme for Human Resources Development 2007 – 2013, Priority Axis  6 „Promotion of Social Inclusion”, Key Area of Intervention: 6.2 „Development of Social Economy”

SOP HRD 168/6.1/S/144460
“Development of Social Economy in the North-East and Central Regions of Romania”


The main objective of this project is to facilitate access to employment for vulnerable groups and promote social inclusion by setting up 6 social enterprises and creating new jobs for vulnerable groups in the North-East and Central Regions of Romania. The project will contribute to human capital development, improved competitiveness and employment integration of vulnerable groups in the abovementioned regions.

The project aims at contributing to the development of social economy, cooperation and social solidarity by providing training programmes whose goals are to improve and develop the skills of the vulnerable group and of the professionals in the field of social economy in the North-East and Central Regions of Romania.


  • Developing new partnerships by setting up 6 social enterprises – developing and promoting profit-generating activities and services in order to facilitate the fair labour-market integration of socially-excluded people or people at risk of social exclusion;
  • Developing the skills, knowledge and self-esteem of vulnerable groups;
  • Providing career advice and counseling to 130 people belonging to vulnerable groups;
  • Developing skills, knowledge and self-esteem of the vulnerable groups by organizing:

- computer skills courses (15 participants),
- trainer training course (15 participants),
- English classes (15 participants),
- Italian classes (15 participants),
- Entrepreneurship course (30 participants),
- Human Resources officer training course (15 participants),

  • Organizing 3 events to promote social economy as a flexible and sustainable tool for economic development and creation of new job opportunities at a regional and local level.