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Project co-financed by European Social Fund through the Sectoral Operational Programme -  Human Resources Development 2007-2013
Invest in People!

Access to continuous vocational training and education for the employees in the tourism sector in the North-East Region of Romania 


Financing Source: SOP-HRD 2007 – 2013
PRIORITY AXIS 2 „Linking Lifelong Learning and Labour Market”
Key Area of Intervention 2.3 „Access to and Participation in Continuous Vocational Training and Education”
Duration: 2 years (01.04.2012-31.03.2014)


The project aims at developing human capital and increasing economic competitiveness in the North-East development region of Romania by:    

a) promoting and facilitating the access of 155 employees from Iași County to continuous vocational training in order to give them the opportunity to improve their skills and obtain a recognized qualification by:  
- providing career counseling and guidance to 50 employees;
- training 90 employees working mainly in tourism as waiters/waitresses (30), house-keeping staff (30), cooks (15) and hotel receptionists (15) and  
- assessing the skills and knowledge the employees have gained through means other than formal throughout the second year of the project for the following jobs: hotel receptionist, wait staff, cook; 

   b) promoting the advantages of continuous vocational training and of the assessment of previously acquired knowledge and skills of the employees, managers and other stakeholders by running an awareness-raising campaign about the benefits of employees’ participation in continuing vocational training programmes in Iași County. 

Benefits for the target group:

- 90 employees working mainly in the tourism sector have benefited from qualification/requalification training;
- 50 employees have been provided career counseling and guidance;
- 6 employees participate in a one-week experience exchange in Spain;
- 65 employees mainly from the tourism sector will obtain the recognition of their qualification by having their professional skills obtained by means other than formal assessed and acknowledged (beneficiaries can obtain acknowledgement for the following positions: hotel receptionist, wait staff, cooks);
- 10 managers will be counseled and informed of the benefits of continuing vocational training;


Organizing a Seminar to inform and raise awareness of the benefits of continuing vocational training.