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Worldwide, zoonotic diseases have a negative impact on commerce, travel and economies. In most developing countries, zoonotic diseases are among those diseases of major public health significance and contribute significantly to an already overly burdened public health system. In industrialized nations, zoonotic diseases are of particular concern for at-risk groups such as the elderly, children, childbearing women and immunocompromised individuals.


The project aims to create open digital educational resources in the field of veterinary medicine based on developing innovative guidelines on zoonotic diseases study and veterinary, medical, pedagogical, linguistic and raise awareness intervention related to identify, monitor and control malaria and dirofilaria, useful for the academic, professional and general beneficiaries.


Main project products (outputs)

O2 – Analysis on zoonoses state of arts (2 zoonotic diseases understudy: malaria & dirofilaria); Study on best practices on zoonoses interventions (at least 20 examples of best practices)

O3 - Guide of main infectious disease transmitted from non-human animals to humans (Guide of malaria & dirofilaria study (EN, RO, CRO, LT, IT, FR))

O4 – Videos capturing zoonoses bio-manipulation in simulation centers (Videos capturing malaria & dirofilaria study in 6 languages)

O5 – Interdisciplinary pedagogical resource (Medical communication linguistic resources for 6 languages)

O6 – Open Online Course on zoonoses & VET linguistic fields (2 online courses: Course on malaria & dirofilaria in 6 languages & a language course for the veterinary medical field for 6 languages)

O7 – ZoonosesOnlineEducation Kit (Guides on how to use the 2 online courses & the feedback/testimonials from the training/piloting actions with veterinary students & professionals)

O8 – Pedagogical Guidelines & Piloting for teaching/learning of children aged 6-12 (Handbook of pedagogical guidelines on the necessity of health education for teaching/learning of children aged 6-12; piloting activities in schools with actual primary/teachers & pupils aged 6-12)

O9 - Protocol on epidemiological monitoring & disease control in public health practice (& 50 students/ specialists from human medicine to be trained in the used& applicability of the protocol for epidemiological investigation in the hospital)