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 The We Welcome Work (WWW) project meets the growing needs of high school students/young people who live in a very mobile environment, where time, education and employment are challenging issues. The Council of Europe has repeatedly stated that it is “committed to building a Europe with and for all young people, who will have access to quality education and training, to decent work and living conditions, as well as developing the conditions to enable them to contribute to the development of society.” Despite these commitments, the supply of apprenticeship and traineeship places in the EU continues to be under-developed. A lack of workplace experience and the related skills and competences is one of the factors contributing to the "skills gap" in the EU today.


The main aim of our partnership is to offer non-formal opportunities for young people to acquire employability, entrepreneurship and digital skills to support their transition from school to the world of work thus achieving a better skills match and career orientation. The project’s main aim is to facilitate students’ induction into the world of work by connecting the theoretical knowledge they acquire at school with the world of work.


Specific objectives

- Investment in technical and vocational education, training and apprenticeship programmes by introducing free and easy access to interactive simulation job related tasks.

- Synergies between the consortium teachers-students-companies with a view to bridging the gap that students have in their experience.

- Creation of a data base of support resources: job profiles studied from different perspectives (most wanted jobs for young people, professions obtained in non-formal ways, jobs in which young people from disadvantaged groups can have success)

- Equipping teachers and schools councillors with interactive tools to tests and evaluate the students competences and skills and guide them based on their specific needs for they career.

- Involvement of students in an interactive training session of apprenticeship, simulating various jobs situations in the form of animation problem-solving game.

- Practical activities with students and development of various competences: workplace skills, problem-solving, teamwork, foreign languages, IT and social media skills, communication and cultural skills, etc.

-  Involvement of companies to become promoters of skilled workers among young people by offering real practice training sessions and motivational testimonials.