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the school in order to help eliminate the barriers and attitudes that hinder the chances of young people achieving their full potential. The parents’ and families’ involvement in the school life is one of the key elements of the educational success of the students. As different European and American studies show, positive results of parental involvement are visible at both the primary and secondary schools levels. The examples of research, conducted by European Research Network About Parents in Education Association, present direct relation between parents and families involvement and the increase of students’ achievement, their better attitudes towards the school, fewer problems with homework assignments, better results of the final exams, lower absence or better behavior. There is evidence that more active participation of the students’ parents (and other family members) in the school’s life influences positively also the future of the children, including after the graduation from the school.


The project partnership developed a variety of 30 non-formal learning activities (with fun an enjoyment built into them) that will help parents to realise their potential as their children’s educators and advisors and engage in school activities.

The partnership also created The Learning Families Training and Resource Kit that contains tools, supported by good practice case studies and handouts with useful ideas and tips, which will enable schools to support parents who do not get involved with their children’s learning to develop positive aspirations and expectations.It is our hope that this tool kit will help schools to work towards adopting a strategic approach to family engagement and integrate it into their policy and practice so that parents (the target group) will have the opportunity to develop:

- skills and confidence to help their children with their leaning

- positive attitudes towards their children's school and become aware of the skills they did not know they possessed.

This training kit focuses on the effectiveness of non-formal activities to facilitate positive outcomes for both children and parents.



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Fundatia EUROED, Iasi, Romania

Krakowskie Centrum Zarzadzania i Administracji Sp. z o.o. Poland

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