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GoScience – creativity and enhanced comprehension in science teaching and learning

Project website and access to the online platform

The aim of the project is to develop youth culture of gaining comprehension in science subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology) as well as to promote students’ creativity, thus making scientific knowledge better understandable and with higher probability of implementing it in real life.

The idea of the project is to develop methodology and pedagogical tools for science teaching and learning focused on coherence of the educational content with the comprehension model of students. This will allow science education in schools to be more motivating, open and students to have greater responsibility for their own learning process.

The project outputs will give the teachers the freedom to relate concepts in scientific subjects, which often are situated in different grades in the curricula for students to study, which make students forget and lose the connection between the different knowledge units, which decreases their comprehension and functional literacy and leads to serious underachievement in the science subjects, which also is a reason for students not having the ability to work on development of transversal competences in the future.

Main project results:

1. Research on creative pedagogical approaches focused on enhancing comprehension in teaching and learning sciences.

2. Methodology for enhancing comprehension in science education in high schools.
3. Online teaching and learning platform for enhancing comprehension in teaching and learning sciences: the platform will give access to all pedagogical tools developed under the project. The pedagogical tools which will be created to support the developed approach and methodology will interpret theoretical science concepts by expressing them through familiar phenomena and natural, conventional relation which the student will be able to perceive intuitively through an associative image, video, or a fiction story. It will allow creation of user generated content as per the individual needs of the teachers and students.