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E-Classes wants to help the VET teachers in revising and strengthening the professional profile and improving the attainment of young people, particularly those at risk of early school leaving and with low basic skills, developing a methodology especially focusing on the use of ICT.

The project’s main aim is to elaborate, train and experiment the flipped classroom pedagogic model improving VET teachers and students e-competences, also with the involvement of companies partnerships through multimedia enriched apprenticeship simulations for enhancing youth employability.


The project intellectual outputs, results and target group are the following:


O1–Guideline on Flipped classroom methodology and how to create and use it at class for science and technological disciplines and transdisciplinary areas

-1 Guide on flipped classes for VET - 8 thematic areas + 5 transdisciplinary disciplines

-8 video tutorials with presentation of the guideline modules


IO2-Open-Online Course on Flipped classes methodology for VET teachers

-1 Open online course - 4 modules with 4 teaching units;

-1 pilot action – 8 members;

-1 training at national level – 80 teachers; 80 evaluation forms


IO3-Flipped classes multimedia lessons 

-10 flipped classes multimedia lessons for science and technological disciplines/ country; 40 lessons;

-5 flipped lessons on transdisciplinary disciplines


IO4-Videos on job orientation and integration students-schools-companies

-Network of 12 companies from different working fields;

-12 videos on job orientation and integration students-schools-companies cooperation;

-2 pair “I Am Welcomed, Therefore, I Belong” E-Classes sessions (80 students + 8 teachers)


IO5-Virtual E-Classes Learning Platform

-1 Virtual Learning Environment – Open Educational Resource;

- piloting of the Virtual E-Classes Learning Environment (40 VET teachers; 80 VET students; 8 staff members involved in education);

- validation – collection of 100 testimonials


Learning/Teaching/Training Activities:

- Short-term joint staff training event for VET teachers (23 participants; 17 mobilities)

- Short-term joint staff training events for mixed target group – students and teachers (30 students and 10 teachers; 25 mobilities)


Multiplier Events:

-8 Multiplier events, 240 participants